Eric Coombs Esmail

Media Practice

The Grant Ferry Media Arts Project, 2016

A documentary media installation and web application exploring the diverse, vibrant, and dynamic community in the Grant Ferry commercial district on Buffalo, NY's West Side.

Beau Flux: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, 2015

A collaborative project that uses the #buffalo, #bflo, #bison, #fleuve, #beaufleuve hashtags pulled from Instagram and Twitter to represent the homophonic sentence, the place, and our collective impressions of shared environment. Designed for Global Snapshot: Exhibitions, Explorations, Experimentations at La Panacée Center of Contemporary Culture in Montpellier, France.

The Sound a Peasant Makes, 2015

A dynamic online media player exploring urglaawe, meaning "primal faith", a new Pennsylvania Dutch religion based on ancient traditions.

Undark: The Play, 2014

A one-act play written by Rachael Katz and directed by myself.

Il fuente del toro (The Fountain of the Bull), 2014

Essay film/video, 10 min.


Film, 10 min.

Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, 12/21/12

Video, 7 min.

sometimes i pity..., 2010

Film, 6 min.

Prototypes, experiments, and small projects

These are unfinished projects with strategies that may be used in more complete works in the future.

Father Baker's Folly, 2014

Site specific, mobile audio documentary.

unternet, 2014

Alternative data-sharing mechanism using bittorrent.

Es Allelieweziel, 2013

Ethnographic Korsakow-Film

prayHarder(), 2013

Interactive film installation.

Maize Maze, 2012


Hymn to the Dope, 2009

Photogrammed, painted, and optically printed 16mm film.


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