Beau Flux: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Lydia Cordero Campis, Yulia Gilichinskaya, Xiaosu Guan, Chloe Higginbotham, Sergio Nieto, and myself as coder and web designer, exhibited as Beauflux Art Collective in Global Snapshot: Exhibitions, Explorations, Experimentations at La Panacée Center of Contemporary Culture in Montpellier, France. Our piece, "Beau Flux: Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo", uses the #buffalo, #bflo, #bison, #fleuve, #beaufleuve hashtags pulled from Instagram and Twitter to represent the homophonic sentence, the place, and our collective impressions of shared environment. An event took place at Canalside Buffalo on Friday May 15, 2015 from 12:00 to 3:00 PM to gather more hashtags and participate with the site remotely while the exhibition opened at La Panacée. We continue to invite you to join us in imaging and making new meanings out #buffalo.

Visit the Beau Flux website to see the project in action.